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Specialist Surfacing Division

Markon Ltd has operated a Specialist Surfacing Division for well over ten years. In that time it has completed projects for both private individuals and Commercial Organisations, not only in Scotland but in England and the Republic of Ireland.

From private driveways to historic monuments, bridge decks to tram networks in Dublin and Edinburgh, Markon has accumulated significant knowledge and experience within its chosen specialised fields.

Resin Bonded Aggregate Systems

Resin Bonded Aggregate Systems are Cold Applied Thin Surface Coatings which can be applied to either bituminous, concrete, steel or timber surfaces to produce either a functional High Friction Anti-skid surface, or decorative Natural Aggregate coating.

Resin Bound Aggregage Systems

‘PEBBLELITE’ is Markon Ltd’s own Resin Bound Aggregate system. This durable decorative surfacing system can be used both internally and externally and can be specified for pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Unless sealed (recommended for internal works) ‘Pebblelite’ produces a water permeable surface layer which can be used as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) or as the surfacing within tree pits.


Imprint is a coloured synthetic bitumen material manufactured by Ennis Prismo which is hot applied onto both bituminous or concrete surfaces and stamped to produce the appearance of paving slabs, setts or monoblock.

Joint Sealant

Markon Ltd own and operate specialised equipment for the installation of hot applied joint sealant.

The quality and service offered by Markon’s Joint Sealant Crews is testified to through repeated works on the Forth Road Bridge and our appointment as the sole Joint Sealant Contractor for the construction of the Edinburgh Tram Network.

Please visit our Construction and Surfacing Division: Specialist Surfacing pages, for more detailed information.


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