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Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant

Markon Ltd own and operate specialised equipment for the installation of hot applied joint sealant.

This equipment offers the following advantages over traditional hand applied joint sealant operations:

  • The material is injected directly from machine into the joint through a heated lance thus minimising premature cooling of the material, which can result in possible bonding failures.
  • Direct injection of material removes risk of injury during transfer of material between traditional boiler and bucket.
  • Thermostatic temperature control across the equipment prevents application of materials at temperatures outwith the manufacture’s specification.
  • Flow control on the applicator lance prevents untidy spills and overfills.
  • Large capacity mobile equipment enables higher productivity than traditional static boiler and bucket application.

The quality and service offered by Markon’s Joint Sealant Crews is testified to through repeated works on the Forth Road Bridge and our appointment as the sole Joint Sealant Contractor for the construction of the Edinburgh Tram Network.


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Fax: 01236 875525

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