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Resin Bonded
Aggregate Systems

Resin Bonded Aggregate Systems

Resin Bonded Aggregate Systems are Cold Applied Thin Surface Coatings which can be applied to either bituminous, concrete, steel or timber surfaces to produce either a functional High Friction Anti-skid surface, or decorative Natural Aggregate coating.

High Friction Surface Treatments

When used in conjunction with suitable aggregates, traditionally Calcined Bauxite, selected resin systems can be used to produce high friction surfaces, which conform to Clause 924 within the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 1 (MCHW1) Specification for Highway Works, Series 900.

Markon Ltd applies both Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin systems, which are certified by the BBA under the Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) as Type 1 High Friction Surfacing.

The use of finer graded calcined bauxites or alternative aggregates can produce extremely effective anti-slip coatings for pedestrian areas.

Decorative Surfacing

Resin Bonded Aggregate systems can also be used as a decorative surfacing product. Dull coloured asphalt and concrete surfaces can be made to blend in with, or compliment their surroundings through the application of suitably coloured resins and natural aggregates. The results are surfaces, which have the classic appearance of loose gravel but without the drawbacks of weed invasion or the need to replace aggregate due to settlement.

There is a large selection of natural aggregate types and colours available for use in Resin Bonded Aggregate systems but consideration should be given to the usage of the application area when selecting an aggregate size.

As a guide for aggregate size selection we would recommend the following:

Location                                  Recommended Aggregate Size Range

Pedestrian Areas:                                   1-4mm

Roads or Driveways:                                2-6mm

For more information and photos of potential aggregate types, please follow the links in the Aggregate section, which will take you to a number of our supplier websites.


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