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Imprint is a coloured synthetic bitumen material manufactured by Ennis Prismo which is hot applied onto both bituminous or concrete surfaces and stamped to produce the appearance of paving slabs, setts or monoblock.


As Imprint can be applied onto existing bituminous or concrete surfaces, it minimises the need for expensive and time consuming excavation.Applied onto a suitable substrate, Imprint will not exhibit the wheel tracking and settlement common within monoblock surfacing.The lack of joints between blocks allows Imprint to be cleaned without the risk of washing out bedding sand and causing settlement.The lack of open joints prohibits the growth of weeds between blocks.


As the only Approved Contractor for the application of ‘IMPRINT’ within Scotland, Markon have installed significant quantities across Scotland and Northern England in applications ranging from:-

Traffic calming schemesStreetscapes (Footpaths and Roads)Decorative surfacing to Car Parks and Park EntrancesAs the Tramstop surfacing within the Edinburgh Tram System

Please download a Prismo ‘IMPRINT’ brochure.


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