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Leiths SITEMIX is a Mobile Volumetric Concrete Mixer that allows us to provide customers with the exact amount of concrete needed and is batched on site without any wastage.

Our volumetric concrete mixer has separate storage bins for the aggregate, cement and water.  When this arrives onsite, the materials are mixed to give the customer exactly what's required.  With the onboard computer, we can produce a range of difference mixes depending on the customer's requirements and application.


  • SITEMIX Solumn – blinding and mass concrete fill

  • SITEMIX House Found (R)  - Reinforced trench fill/mass foundations/ strip footings

  • SITEMIX House Found (UR) - Un-reinforced trench fill/mass foundations/strip footings

  • SITEMIX Floor (R) -House or garage floor with embedded metal

  • SITEMIX Floor (UR) -House or garage floor with no embedded metal

  • SITEMIX Drainage - Drainage work to give immediate support

  • SITEMIX Kerblog - Kerb bedding and backing

  • SITEMIX Post Mix -Post and fencing

  • SITEMIX Industrial - Wearing surface light industrial

  • SITEMIX Heavy Industrial - Wearing surface general  industrial

  • SITEMIX Agricultural - Livestock floors and crop stores

Advantages of Leiths SITEMIX

  • You pay for what concrete is used

  • No wastage on site

  • No small load charges

  • Multi drop delivery

  • Can supply a range of different mix designs

  • Has discharge conveyor to assist with placing.

  • Can provide testing from our UKAS accredited Lab

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