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Purchase of Mixers and Powder Tankers boost Capabilities


New Mixers Bolster up our Concrete Supply Capabilities

We have seen a dramatic increase in concrete activity in recent months, particularly within the Aberdeen market. When faced with these peaks in demand, the main issue of supply is not that there are insufficient manufacturing plants available, but the fact there is a shortage of mixer trucks.

In recognition of this we have recently purchased 5 no. 8m³ mixers which will bring our total fleet size to 19.  The DAF CF85 vehicles have been purchased from Norscot DAF in Aberdeen, and have Liebherr mixer equipment fitted. The vehicles have 410hp Euro 5 engines which produce lower emissions than current regulations despite having increased power, helping to reduce impact on the environment while increasing our productivity.

Whether we are operating new or older models, it’s key we keep all our vehicles clean inside and out and maintain a high level of visual professionalism. Our overarching objective is to be the supplier of choice and that can only be achieved by us all pulling together and working as a team. These new additions have the potential in allowing us to supply a further 30,000m³ per year to our customers; it’s now up to us to do just that.

Powder Tanker Renewals Boost Delivery Payloads

Faced with the ever increasing costs of operating a modern haulage fleet, the prime objective of any organisation is to maximise each vehicle’s delivery payload. The recent purchase of two new powder tank combinations has allowed us to increase our payload by more than 6% per vehicle. The DAF CF85 tractor units have lightweight chassis, alloy wheels and are fuel efficient despite having powerful 460hp engines. The tank trailers, supplied by Feldbinder are built using aluminium, and also have alloy wheels and lightweight electrics to maximize payloads.

We run a fleet of 12 powder tankers which deliver products such as limestone filler, cement, ash and animal feeds to our own manufacturing plants and external clients. A powder tank is a specialist piece of kit that operates under high pressure when discharging its materials. Maintaining a robust maintenance programme ensures the safety and longevity of these units. I’m sure as technology moves on we may well see further increases in payload capabilities as tanks become lighter without detriment to safety.