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New Zappshelters for Blackhills and Lochhills


It is essential that we keep our sand and dust dry for our Asphalt Plants. This not only retains the quality of our products, but, through energy efficiencies, it also reduces our carbon footprint and environmental impact. A further benefit of the shelters is that they can also be moved to another location relatively easily.

Zappshelter provided a single storage shelter for asphalt sand at our Blackhills Quarry and a double unit (seen here, right) at Lochhills Quarry for imported sand and crushed rock fines from Blackhills Quarry. Our inhouse Civils team completed the groundwork and foundations, also placing the Lego Blocks for the Shelter to be erected on. We are now considering a further shelter for Highland Lime to keep our raw feedstock dry before arriving at the Milling Plant.