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Leiths donate to Broadford Primary School Footpath


Leiths recently delivered a load of Type 1 Subbase to Campbell’s Farm Housing Estate in Broadford.  

The donation was made after one of the residents on the estate, Gordon McCarroll, whose daughter attends Broadford Primary School, reached out to Leiths for help with a project to install a footpath from the Housing Estate to the Primary School. 

The Housing Estate is adjacent to the School field, however, with no access via a footpath, the children were having to walk along the busy A87 to get to the School and the nearby Playpark. The load was delivered at the end of March, and a team of volunteers worked throughout the day to get the works completed.

By installing the footpath, it has made it much easier, quicker and, more importantly, much safer for the families on the estate to reach the School and Playpark.