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Markon's Fleet of Vehicles Increases

Leiths, Markon 

Early summer saw the arrival of a Multi-Mark. This bespoke purpose-built machine enables large stretches of roadway to be marked without the operator leaving the cab.  The spraying equipment is computer controlled and can lay down smooth lining as well as the ribbed markings which you see along motorways and dual carriageways. 

Modifications to this vehicle include a dual driving position – yes it has two steering wheels and controls and can be driven from either side, and reduced gearing to enable it to be driven slower than walking pace.

This was followed by the delivery of a new Nooteboom 4 axle heavy haulage step frame trailer.  This had been built to Markon’s own specification and is used within the Planing Division to transport the road planers to and from site.  The extendable chassis has sliding ramps to the rear allowing the trailer to safely load all types of machinery, from the smaller 350mm planers right up to the 2.2m planers.  When fully loaded with the larger machines, the lorry weighs in at a huge 79,000kgs.

A new Scania Road Sweeper joined the fleet in August.  This again is purpose built with a larger cab to provide enhanced driver comfort.  This Scania road brush is Markon’s first ever with Scania’s Opticruse fully automatic gearbox and also has the added benefit of having the capability of towing when required.  The sweeper operates with a higher specification auxiliary engine, punching out an impressive 93kW, compared with a standard 75kW, whilst running at a reduced noise level and providing up to 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

The Planing Division were also delighted to collect their new 1m Road Planer from Wirtgen Group in Grantham. This brand new machine is the latest generation with state of the art technology and the most environmentally efficient engine currently available.  This enables the planer to operate at depths of 330mm whilst significantly reducing fuel consumption and, ultimately, CO2 emissions. 

New Nooteboom trailer collecting new 1m Road Planer

The fleet additions didn’t stop at just trucks and heavy equipment.

2022 has seen Markon receive numerous light commercial vehicles and their first Hybrid’s too. The Signage division received an extended chassis L4 Transit Dropside, where the longer body suits the signage team perfectly as they carry poles used in the erection of road signs.  This vehicle is also fitted with a lockable toolbox across the full width of the load bed which ensures that the teams’ power tools are secure without reducing the loading capacity of the vehicle.

Five further vehicles were delivered to the Traffic Management division. These included 3 diesel hybrid dropsides.  The mild hybrid system (mHEV) operates through a self-charging battery driven motor which works in alongside the Ford Eco-Blue diesel engine.  These environmentally efficient vehicles significantly reduce CO2 emissions and are a welcome addition to our fleet.  The chassis cabs were delivered to a body builder in early August and the 3 vehicles were built and ready for collection in early September.