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Trafalgar House Demolition on behalf of Faro Capital

Leiths, Lawrie 

When London based property group Faro Capital Ltd decided that their Trafalgar House property on Hareness Road was no longer feasible to maintain or divide into smaller sections, they contacted Lawrie Demolition for advice. 

Following discussions over a number of months Faro appointed Lawrie to remove the asbestos and then demolish the offices.  Lawrie assisted Faro with gaining the demolition warrant and the termination of all services prior to works commencing.

Once the asbestos was removed from the stairwells of the original concrete building, Lawrie began the process of stripping out the interiors back to the concrete shell in preparation for mechanical demolition. Excavators fitted with hydraulic pulverisers began the dismantle of the concrete frame, reducing the height and processing the concrete to remove the reinforcing, prior to processing the concrete for recycle.

The soft stripping works began in the second 4 storey steel framed building, removing all fixtures and fittings, to leave only the steel frame ready for mechanical demolition. A specialist 30m high reach machine, fitted with hydraulic shear attachment, reduced the metal frame with the materials being processed on site prior to removal for recycle. The concrete floors, lift shafts, foundations were all broken out and processed for recycle.

The project took 7 months to complete with a recycle percentage of materials calculated at 96%.