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Salt Distribution for the Local Councils


Salt is taken into Aberdeen and Buckie Harbour from Teesport and Ireland on ships carrying anything from 2,500t to 8,000t at a time. Our distribution team here in Cove work with Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and Moray Councils to distribute the salt from the harbours to the various depots located throughout the North East of Scotland.

Time is costly for a ship docked in a harbour so off-loading as quickly as possible is a key priority. Our distribution team have to organise a sufficient number of lorries to ensure there is a constant flow of salt going from the harbour to the Council depots. It is from these depots the Councils load their gritters with salt ready to treat our roads during the winter months.

During harsh winters it is common for us to be distributing up to 100,000t of salt to ensure the road network is kept gritted and safe for driving. That is the equivalent amount of salt contained in 227 billion packets of crisps!