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In memory of our colleague David Lamb


Davie worked at Leiths for over 17 years and sadly passed away in May this year.  He was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2018 and sadly did not recover from his second round of treatment. Davie himself admitted that he not act on the signs and it was his express wish before he passed away that we continue to raise awareness in this area to try and help others and ensure that other men, and their families, have the chance that he never got.

David took great confort in his final days of looking at a print of a photo that his dear friend, Fiona Menzies, had taken which Davie requested was mounted on the wall in front of his hospital bed - he poignantly named it 'Light at the end of the Tunnel'.


 Light at the end of the Tunnel’, by Fiona Menzies


Davie wished that the framed print was raffled/sold to raise money for Prostate Scotland.  We, as a business, decided to purchase the picture ourselves in honour of his dedication and friendship to the company.


The company held Prostate Scotland Workshops as part of our health and wellbeing iniative and we continue to raise funds through the sale of post card sized prints of the picture. 




On 18 November 2019, Davie's wife and their two grandsons visited Leiths head office in Cove, along with Mae Bell of Prostate Scotland, for the presentation of the funds raised so far - £2,701.70 to date.


In memory of David Lamb - 2 January 1954 to 23 May 2019.