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KPL Attending Offshore Decommissioning 2018

Leiths, KPL 

The annual conference takes place from the 26th-28th November 2018 and is jointly run by Decom North Sea and Oil & Gas UK.

Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL) is actively pursuing further opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Fabrication and Decommissioning sector, an exemplary facility where decommissioning will be carried out in a contained dry dock. The facility is ideal for the safe, environmentally secure decommissioning of floating redundant oil and gas structures in dry conditions. The site is also suitable for the manufacture of offshore renewable energy components and the storage/refurbishment of oil and gas exploration/production units. 

The Kishorn facility has the benefit of full planning permission for these activities, including on-site accommodation, workshops and offices. The dry dock has recently been fully refurbished and an access ramp installed down to the dock floor, making it “shovel ready” for decommissioning projects. Marine licences for the anchoring and storage of floating structures in Loch Kishorn are also in place.

KPL is a joint venture between Ferguson Transport & Shipping and Leiths (Scotland) Ltd, and has been supported by the OGA, Scottish Enterprise, the Highland Council, HIE and the local community in its regeneration of the facility, which was famously used for the manufacture of the Ninian Central production platform.

KPL Directors Alasdair Ferguson and Simon Russell will be in attendance at the event. For all enquiries please contact: enquiries@kishornportltd.com.