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A Greener Shade of Asphalt

Leiths, Ross 

Asphalt production is a high-output industry that is often very energy intensive. Leiths are always looking for ways to lead the industry and reduce the environmental impact associated with quarry operations and improve on energy efficiency.

Mid Lairgs Quarry is setting the standard by utilising an innovative LPG system supplied by Flogas as the fuel for asphalt production. Asphalt production has traditionally burned gas-oil as the fuel source for drying and heating the aggregates during the manufacturing process. However, this is not always the best fuel choice environmentally. By using LPG instead of gas-oil, Mid Lairgs Quarry can boast CO2e savings of up to 22% and, more specifically, Methane emission savings of up to 43% and a staggering emissions saving of up to 99% from Nitrous Oxides – the pollutant that is driving the car industry away from diesel engines.

Leiths can confidently state that the asphalt produced at Midlairgs is a ‘Greener shade of Black’.